The 10 Best Prepper Podcasts [2024]

by Tommy Grant

This is an updated ranking of the current best prepper podcasts. Our first rankings were in 2017, and we will continue to update these rankings as podcasts keep producing and as new podcasts emerge on the scene.

Prepper podcasts are a great way to stay informed. The best prepper podcast is the one you feel you can learn the most from. You can listen to podcasts on the go or at home by downloading or streaming. I prefer to stream podcasts on my commute to and from work. It gives me targeted information that I simply could not get from talk radio or the news. For those who are not familiar with podcasts, it is a fancy word for a simple concept. They are pre-recorded radio shows that usually span 30 minutes to an hour.

You can use your computer or smartphone to subscribe to these shows and they will be automatically delivered when the next episode is available, so you can listen whenever you want. This makes them great for entertainment or information on the go. All you need is a podcast player and you can be entertained while you brush up on your preparedness.

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What are Prepper Podcasts?

Podcasts may still seem like a new way to stay informed, but they have been around long enough for many podcasts about prepping to have come and gone. Much like blogs, there are pages and pages of podcasts that have come and gone as the producers grew bored or simply moved on from making podcasts. For that reason, we do not include any podcasts that no longer show an intention of running in our rankings. Although old podcasts are not valued any less just because there is no new content, there are plenty of podcasts today that offer fresh perspectives and purposeful content.

If you are familiar with prepper podcasts, you may notice a few big names missing and that is not a mistake. Bland content and having almost as much ad time as podcast time will not land you in the rankings.

There are also a ton of new podcasts. While we’ve kept this list up for several years, there have been several new arrivals over the last few. Prepping, in general, has gained popularity and more mainstream appeal so it’s not surprising! Let’s get to the countdown:

10. Canadian Prepper Podcast

Featuring Eric, Ian & Alan

4.7 stars with 98 ratings on Apple Podcasts

226 episodes available

Previous ranking = 7

Not to be confused with Nate Polson of YouTube’s “Canadian Prepper” fame, this trio also has plenty of experience to share.

Alan, Ian, and Eric bring different perspectives to each episode. They put an episode out once a week and they tend to last anywhere from 50 minutes to well over two hours, so they are thorough on each topic.

If you are Canadian, you are pretty much obligated to subscribe to them.

9. Survival & Basic Badass Podcast

Featuring Aaron, Jonathan, and Jason

4.4 stars with 217 ratings on Apple Podcasts

436 episodes available

Previous ranking = 6

A trio of “pretty normal” young guys that each bring a unique perspective to the topics they cover. They focus on urban survival topics about once a week for 30 minutes to an hour.

The podcast is well-produced and fun to listen to and has even been featured on iTunes. They send out a new podcast at least once a week, so there is plenty of content. Occasionally they even delve into conspiracy theories or other fringe topics.

8. Ready Your Future

Featuring Todd Sepulveda

4.6 stars with 371 ratings on Apple Podcasts

909 episodes

Previous ranking = 3

What started as The Prepper Website Podcast in 2017 when we first reviewed is now rebranded as the Ready Your Future podcast. Todd has been a staple of the prepping community for decades now with his suite of websites led by Prepper Website. He has since sold his long-beloved website and leaned into this podcasting project and it shows with a quality body of work these few years later.

Todd had a great eye for curating the best prepping content on the web, but now he speaks from his point of view. He has plenty to share and has built up quite the catalog of preparedness content.

7. Bear Independent Podcast

Featuring TJ Morris

4.9 stars with 154 ratings on Apple Podcasts

452 episodes

Previous ranking = N/A

Bear Independent is a fast-growing prepping channel on YouTube, and this podcast is the updates TJ Morris used to do on the channel. It’s exactly what it aims to be: an information-sharing source based on Christian faith, traditional values, and prepping.

While he’s not a doomsday prophesizer like other big prepping channels, he does share current event hot-takes. I appreciate his perspectives but it might not be your cup of tea if you are looking for more prepping how-tos and preparedness analysis.

6. Live Like the World is Dying

Featuring Margaret Killjoy

4.9 stars with 358 ratings on Apple Podcast

105 episodes

Previous ranking = N/A

As prepping and preparedness continue to grow more mainstream, they will also become more diverse. This podcast is the perfect example in that it brings a left-leaning anarchist perspective. This may be off-putting to some conservative preppers, but others may appreciate the unique viewpoints and solid preparedness information.

It is produced incredibly well and offers insight into topics even I hadn’t considered. If you are truly looking for podcasts to broaden your horizons, give this one a try.

5. Survivalist Prepper Podcast

Featuring Dale Goodwin

4.2 stars with 666 ratings on Apple Podcasts

401 episodes

Previous ranking = 4

Dale covers the more likely scenarios as well as the TEOTWAWKI ones. The result is a well-rounded podcast that stays grounded in reason. Broadcasting once a week since 2015, he has quite a few episodes under his belt that don’t wander off into ‘tin hat’ territory. Dale gives a new podcast about once a week.

4. The Survival Show

Featuring David Roberts & Craig Caudill

4.8 stars with 297 ratings on Apple Podcasts

254 episodes

Previous ranking = 5

A solid urban and wilderness survival-focused podcast run by experts Craig Caudill and David Roberts since 2018. There are very few forays into politics here and they put on an entertaining and informational show about once a week. Most episodes are under 15 minutes, but a few of the more involved topics run past 90 minutes.

Craig has written a handful of wilderness survival books and runs the Nature Reliance School. David founded Ultimate Survival Tips and has a few inventions under his belt. This pair of bonafide pros expand on survival topics well past the basics you can find in a book and are worth a listen.

While they have a good catalog of shows, lately they have been running a series of ‘best of’ shows- a sign that they may be running out of original topics to talk about or have priorities elsewhere.

3. Fieldcraft Survival Podcast

Featuring Mike Glover

4.9 stars with 3.6K ratings on Apple Podcasts

407 episodes

Previous ranking = 8

We approach retail and survival school podcasts with skepticism since most of the time you’ll find that they keep most of the good information and discussions behind a paywall. Fieldcraft Survival has proven to be a breath of fresh air, however. They may not go into depth on things you may find in their course content, but they do continuously bring interesting topics and personalities into to interview with surprisingly few ads.

The episodes run between 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours and are released pretty much weekly. They reach into a wide array of topics, from bushcraft to politics so you may pick and choose your episodes based on the topic due to their length. Anyway, this podcast is worth subscribing to.

2. The Survival Podcast

Featuring Jack Spirko

4.7 stars with 1.7K ratings on Apple Podcasts

3432 episodes

Previous ranking = 2

The Survival Podcast is still the quintessential podcast on prepping, urban survival, and wilderness survival. You don’t have to take our word for it either; he has a ton of episodes, a slew of rave reviews, and a huge base of subscribers.

If you haven’t checked out Jack’s podcast, you need to try it out at least once to see why it sits at the top of the downloads list. He keeps a variety of guests rotating through and covers a very broad range, so the podcast never seems to get stale no matter how many episodes he cranks out. Jack delivers a new show every weekday, so the content adds up quickly.

1. The Casual Preppers Podcast

Featuring Coby Coonradt & Cam Hardy

4.6 stars with 850 ratings on Apple Podcasts

333 episodes

Previous ranking = 1

These guys were a new-ish podcast when they showed up in our top 10 back in 2017, but they have blown up since then. Coby and Cam have honed their banter into a well-oiled prepping information machine, but don’t take themselves too seriously. When you listen to the show, we can promise you that you will not be bored.

They have always been down-to-earth and interesting guys and are doing a fantastic job of making prepping accessible and keeping existing preppers engaged. We’re convinced that prepping advice is best served by two guys committed to staying survived.

If you haven’t tried this podcast, this is the one to try on this list. They also have a solid following on YouTube, and even put out feature-length films occasionally:

Retired Prepper Podcasts

There are plenty of great podcasts that are no longer producing content but are worth a listen. These include:

  • In the Rabbit Hole Survival –  Apple – 199 episodes available – Highest ranking while live = 3
  • Today’s Survival Show – Android – 99 episodes available – Highest ranking while live = 4
  • The Prepper Podcast – Apple – 10 episodes available – Highest ranking while live = 6
  • The Prepper Website Podcast – Not a dead podcast, it simply changed its name to The Ready Your Future Podcast
  • The Survival Punk Podcast – Audible – Apple – 20 episodes available – Never ranked
  • The Apocalypse Survival Guide – Apple – 30 episodes available – Never ranked
  • Rational Survivor Podcast – Stitcher – 8 episodes available – Highest ranking while live = 7

Honorable Mention Podcasts

These podcasts were reviewed and have good content, but did not have the body of work to stack up against our top 10. Still, they may be a good option for you if you are looking for fresh content on survival and prepping.

  • Get Ready Podcast – Audible – Apple – Spotify – 15 episodes – never ranked
  • Modern Outdoor Survival – Audible – Apple – Spotify – 56 episodes – highest ranking = 10
  • Practical Prepping Podcast – Audible – Apple – Spotify – 449 episodes – highest ranking = 9
  • Prepping 2.0 Podcast – Apple – Spotify – 100 episodes – highest ranking = 7
  • Project 22:3 Preparedness – Audible – Apple – Spotify – 36 episodes – never ranked
  • The Practical Prepper Podcast – Audible – Apple – Spotify – 55 episodes – highest ranking = 8
  • The Bonzai Prepping Podcast – Spotify – 77 episodes – never ranked
  • The Big One / The Big Burn – Apple – 21 episodes – never ranked

The Final Word

Prepper podcasts can give you the information you need to have an edge if SHTF. There is plenty of knowledge out there, and podcasts make it easier to borrow some of it while you are on the go. There is a wide range of topics and personalities just inside the prepping community. If you are looking for other mediums to explore prepping and survival topics, check out these rankings and roundups:

If you have any favorite podcasts that we may have missed or chosen not to rank, weigh in below in the comment section. We’ll always take the time to review it before our next roundup and see where it stacks up.

Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.

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