The 12 Best Survival Christmas Gifts [2023]

by Tommy Grant

This year, we went a little past 12 gifts but couldn’t bring ourselves to cut any from the list. This post has been updated multiple times from the original Survival Christmas Gift Guide that was first published in 2016. Check back yearly to find the best survival Christmas gifts for that tough-to-buy-for survivalist in your life (or to update your own wish list).

It’s that time of year again. Not just to get together with your family and enjoy the cooler weather, but to also round up some survival swag for your closest family and friends. When you need to get a gift for the avid survivalist of the group, we have your back with our countdown of the 12 best survival Christmas gifts.

Over the last year, we have been taking notes on our favorite tools and gear that would make the best presents for anyone who likes being a little more prepared than usual. Listed below are the results and the slightly-more-than-12 best survival Christmas gifts you can get your hands on this season- in order of price from lowest to highest.

Credit Card Fresnel Lens

These things are fantastic stocking stuffers. They come in a three-pack, and they’re great in any survival kit. Fresnel lenses are super thin and effective as a fire-starting magnifying glass.

They even made our list of the best magnifying glass fire starters. They make a great gift for anyone looking to get into survivalism, prepping, or even just camping. You can find it here:

Bayite Small Ferro Rods

These Bayite ferro rods are one of my all-time favorites. These are little ferrocerium rods (fire starters – nothing special), but the great part is that they are small enough to be put anywhere.

Bag pulls, jacket pulls, lace them in your boots- you can even replace buttons with them! You can’t have enough of these cool little things, and they are the perfect size for stocking stuffers too. They were one of our better-reviewed ferro rods in our roundup.

Survival Bandana

The Colter Co. reflective survival bandana is packed full of survival tips for easy reference in the field. It is high visibility, high-quality, and was our top pick in our survival bandana roundup.

Bandanas are ridiculously versatile in survival situations, so they make great gifts. They are a great addition to any survival kit, and this one takes it all a step further:

Morakniv Companion Bushcraft Knife

I know… What would a TruePrepper gift guide be without a Morakniv plug? These knives are awesome for anything and everything survival and bushcraft-related, and I cannot get over the price tag on them.

Quit complaining and just get yourself one already. Then you’ll see how reliable, sharp, and versatile they are, and get one for everyone on your list. They’re a staple in our best bushcraft knife review.

I prefer carbon steel for easy sharpening. Get your hands on one here:

Life Bivy Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag

We just can’t get over how lightweight, versatile, and possibly lifesaving this thing is. It is right at that sweet spot as far as gift prices go and makes a great stocking stuffer.

This model topped our bivy sack review earlier this year. Grab one here:

Brunton TruArc 3 Base Plate Compass

Mechanix Wear Material4X Gloves

This is the most versatile pick out of our survival Christmas gifts and makes a great gift for pretty much anyone.

Gloves that are tougher than leather happen to be great for everything- not just survival. We go over all of the benefits in our survival gloves review. Get your hands on them here:

Liteband ACTIV 350 Headlamp

This headlight will light up a room quick! Liteband has developed a versatile headlamp that has the widest illumination field on the market. 210 degrees is more than enough to light up your entire environment, so you can handle survival tasks with ease. The counterbalanced battery pack makes it sit much more comfortably on your head than a typical headlamp, plus it only weighs 3 1/2 ounces. All of these made it one of our top picks for task lighting in our headlamp review roundup.

It’s a great deal for anyone who wants a serious headlamp as a great survival Christmas gift:

Nalgene Stainless Bottle

The old Nalgene gets a huge upgrade when we swap it for this stainless wide-mouth bottle.

It has a huge 38-ounce capacity but gives survivalists the ability to purify water by boiling it inside. You can’t quite do that with plastic water bottles, so stainless is the way to go.

We reviewed a huge range of survival water bottles, and this one floated to the top of the pack. Grab one here:

Silky Gomboy Folding Saw

If your gift recipient is into survival at all, they probably have a versatile folding saw. But, there is always an opportunity to upgrade to the best.

The Silky Gomboy is the best. It’s trusted by pros, is tough as nails, and cuts through hardwood like butter. It topped our bushcraft folding saw review easily and makes an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys the woods.

Teton Scout 45 Frame Backpack

The Scout 3400 is a great survival backpack. It is big enough to hold everything you need, yet still lightweight. The day pack holds 55 liters of gear and is the best-selling internal frame backpack for good reason.

It earned our starter pick during our bug out bag review roundup, and could easily check a big box on any survival Christmas gift list.

Leatherman Signal Multitool

The Leatherman Signal builds on its well-known multitool platform but focuses on survival with tools that are frequently needed, like an integrated ferro rod.

As the top pick in our survival multitool review, it’ll be a great gift for almost anyone interested in survival.

Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe

You could spring for the peak of the wilderness survival necessities in a Bruks axe. This Swedish-made heirloom-quality axe is simply the best camp axe you can get. It easily topped our survival axe review

It measures in at a little north of 19″ and will delight that wilderness survivalist on your list. Get the best axe in the world here:

Eberlestock G2 Pack

I our budget suggestion above didn’t fit the bill, the Eberlestock is the creme of the crop when it comes to survival bags. It has plenty of storage for everything, including a firearm, and is incredibly versatile.

It’s also tough as nails and will take whatever you dish out to it. Grab one here:

The Final Word

Okay, we went a bit past 12 gift suggestions this year, but there is some great stuff we’ve reviewed throughout the year that we were eager to share.

That wraps up our list of survival gear Christmas gifts. Hopefully, you’ve picked up a few awesome ideas for yourself or that special survivalist in your life. If nothing quite fits the bill, check out our other list: The Best Prepper Christmas Gifts.

We’ve also listed out the best sales this year for the holiday season:

We hope you have a great Christmas, and get to spend plenty of time with your friends and family. We are looking forward to getting back to some nuts and bolts articles about prepping.

Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.

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