The Livestock Loss In Texas Is MASSIVE

by Tommy Grant

Whenever a massive amount of livestock is lost, especially in an area like Texas, known for its beef, it’s possible that the food supply could be crippled. One estimate is that thousands of heads of cattle will be lost, likely putting a crunch on the beef supply and raising prices.

“According to the Forest Service, this fire started west of us in Hutchinson. They estimate a half million acres in this one fire, called the Smoky Creek Complex, said Hemphill County AgriLife Extension agent Andy Holloway, Canadian, Texas.

“It’s a terrible tragedy,” said Halloway. “We’ve lost a lot of acres, a lot of cattle, and a lot of homes. So far, we have not heard of any human deaths. But property loss, including cattle, is massive.” Holloway said she estimates 5,000 head of cattle may have been killed in the Smokehouse Creek Fire in Texas.

Earlier this week, a farmer in Ford County lost several livestock. Two experts in Kansas said it takes a huge toll on farmers and there’s very little farmers can do to even safeguard their livelihood against the flames.  “There really is no fail-safe way to prepare for instances like this, once a wildfire gets started,” said KSN AG Analyst John Jenkinson. 

Considering red meat is “the most nutritious food on your plate,” and most Americans are wildly unhealthy with chronic diseases from eating food-like products from boxes, a beef supply crunch could make it even harder to get vital nutrients into an already starved public.

Red meat is the most nutritious food you have available on your plate. It contains all the minerals, all the vitamins, all the protein amino acids which are required in the correct ratio, and all the fats which are required in the correct ratio. -BeefTalk

As humans have strayed from a meat-based diet toward a more processed plant-based diet, ailments like chronic diseases, diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune conditions (such as rheumatoid arthritis) have gone up.

“In my opinion, we are approaching a tipping point in the global realization that the diet we have promoted for the past 50 years is deeply flawed and is the root cause of much modern ill-health, especially that group of diseases linked to obesity,” Dr. Jason Fung said. Dr. Fung is a physician specializing in the care of patients with kidney diseases. He practices his specialty in Toronto where his key responsibility is to oversee the complex management of patients with end-stage kidney disease requiring renal (kidney) dialysis.

As Obesity & Malnutrition Kills Millions, Gov’t Officials Want You to Be Scared of Monkeypox

A loss of a lot of beef could make eating properly incredibly difficult especially if meat isn’t making it to the shelves. Even those who choose to eat beef get it from the grocery store and rely on ranchers to produce it for purchase.

Holloway says numerous agencies are responding to the disaster. The Texas A&M Forest Service, The Texas Animal Health Commission, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the AgriLife Extension Disaster Assistance Relief Service are responding.”

Human beings were designed to eat beef. There are essential amino acids and fatty acids, but there are no essential carbohydrates for humans.

Life Expectancy Data Shows One Thing: The “Experts” Are Killing Us

“There is no essential carbohydrate,” says Dr. Marc Bessler, Director of the Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery and United States Surgical Professor of Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center. “Everything your body needs can be made from proteins and fats that you eat. You don’t need to eat a single carb to live a normal life.”

In fact, carbs can actually prevent some people from leading normal lives. A growing body of research is showing that carbs can be highly addictive. “Carbs release dopamine in the brain, and sugar can act like a drug for some people,” says Dr. Bessler. “There is a reason these foods are called comfort food.”

While the information may be difficult to hear, there’s a lot of information about the devastating effects of processed foods, sugars, and carbohydrates on the human body. If beef is the perfect food for humans, it is incredibly unfortunate (or maybe “coincidental”) that there has been a massive loss of real food to the supply chain because of this wildfire.

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