“The Whole World Is Laughing” At The U.S.’s “Democracy”

by Tommy Grant

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that the United States is not a democracy, rather it’s a “catastrophe.” He also said that it has become the laughingstock of the entire globe as it descends further into a tyrannical dictatorship.

Considering all government is slavery and people are finally figuring that out, Putin isn’t wrong. Voting for a new ruler every four years hardly makes one free.

Stop Drinking the Political Kool-Aid, America: Voting Will Not Save Us

Speaking to journalists in Moscow early on Monday morning, shortly after preliminary results indicated he would be reelected with 87% of the vote in the Russian presidential election, Putin stated that the “whole world is laughing at what is happening” in the U.S. with regards to the fake democracy and election circus going on.

“We are behaving with more restraint than their opponents in other countries, but this is just a catastrophe, not a democracy – that’s what it is,” the Russian leader added according to a report by RT.  All voting is a catastrophe. The ruling class is giving you two options to choose from when it comes to your master and trying to use brainwashing techniques to keep you believing you’re free for doing so.

“I think it’s obvious to everyone that the American political system cannot claim to be democratic in any sense of the word,” he said in an interview with journalist Dmitry Kiselyov. Putin refused to comment further on the current presidential campaign in the US, but described the atmosphere as becoming “increasingly uncivilized.”

Even if the U.S. or any other country could be called a democracy, that doesn’t make it moral or anything less than tyranny. Not only does voting not matter, it’s all a rouse to keep the slaves from figuring out their enslavement. James Corbett has frequently explained this:

The Shadow Government Blackmails Everyone (Why Voting Doesn’t Matter)

Even so, many in the U.S. are still denying what they can see with their own eyes. In a pre-election interview earlier this week, Putin insisted that Russia does not meddle in foreign elections and will work with any elected U.S. president. He added that the current U.S. administration is using all its resources to attack a candidate for this year’s presidential election, seemingly referring to Donald Trump. The former U.S. leader is facing several lawsuits despite being the presumptive Republican nominee for the vote in November.

A State of Martial Law: America Is a Military Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy

As Biden remarked at a fundraising event in California, “I love these guys who say the Second Amendment is—you know, the tree of liberty is water with the blood of patriots. Well, if [you] want to do that, you want to work against the government, you need an F-16.  You need something else than just an AR-15.”

The message being sent to the citizenry is clear: there is no place in our nation today for the kind of revolution our forefathers mounted against a tyrannical government. –John W. Whitehead

Biden has basically already told the American slaves what they are and that they’d have no chance should they decide to actually fight for their freedom.

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