These 6 Types of People Wouldn’t Last a Day Off Grid

by Tommy Grant

The idea of living off the grid and living a truly self-sustainable lifestyle free of the dangers and unpredictability of modern civilization is alluring.

This is especially true for those who are gravely concerned that an economic collapse or another kind of major disaster is inevitable and believe they are better off living off-grid with their families.

But while off-grid living is a very viable way of living for many people, it’s simply not for everybody.

When you live off the grid, much of your lifestyle is going to revolve around the tasks and chores that come with it.

The people who do live off grid get enjoyment and satisfaction out of doing these tasks on a daily basis, which includes growing and harvesting crops, collecting and purifying water, and ensuring that enough renewable energy is being generated to power their property.

Living off requires you to adapt to a lifestyle that is vastly different from the conveniences that come with becoming connected to the grid. Certain types of people simply won’t be able to adapt to this loss of convenience.

Here are six types of people who won’t last a day off grid:

People Who Value Comfort and Convenience

Many people have simply grown completely dependent on modern comfort and conveniences and would be unwilling to give those up.

Think about it. You can order food and have it delivered right to your door within thirty minutes.

These 6 Types of People Wouldn’t Last a Day Off GridYou can take a shower without having to worry about how much water you’re using up.

You can go to the bathroom without having to worry about the wastewater and sewage.

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You can go down the street and order your favorite specially-made coffee. You can get heat to your home with the turn of a knob and without having to worry about how you get heat in the first place.

You get the idea. Most people simply don’t have the mindset shift to give up these kinds of luxuries.

People Who Are Picky About What They Eat

If you live entirely off the grid, the days of going out to eat at your favorite restaurants or going to the grocery store will be in your past.

While you may treat yourself to eating out at a restaurant once in a while, most of your meals will be restricted to foods that you have stockpiled, grown, harvested, raised, or hunted. You’re going to be eating a lot less packaged and processed foods, if not entirely.

If you’re someone who’s a picky eater and if you can’t see yourself eating a diet of locally grown and raised seasonal foods, then off-grid living is probably not for you.

People Who Are Lazy and Need Instant Gratification

These 6 Types of People Wouldn’t Last a Day Off GridIt’s simply impossible to be lazy and live an off-grid lifestyle.

Living off the grid means you are going to be very physically active with activities such as checking the chicken coop, planting seeds, harvesting grown crops, working on DIY projects, gathering firewood, constructing pens or shelters, and so on.

In off-grid living, there is no such thing as instant gratification. You have to work for every part of your basic way of life, and this requires you to be active and improve your stamina and endurance.

It also requires a high degree of patience, because gaining enough energy from the sunlight or waiting for your crops to grow always takes time.

If you’re someone who spends most of their time on the sofa watching TV, an off-grid lifestyle probably isn’t what you’re looking for.

Tech Addicted People

People who are addicted to their phones and computers are also unlikely to thrive when living off the grid.

While most people who live off the grid still own phones and computers for communication with the outside world, the bulk of their time is spent either on work or on tasks related to ensuring that they can live comfortably off the grid.

If you’re someone who needs to spend every waking minute on your computer or phone, an off-grid lifestyle is probably not for you.

People Who Don’t Love The Outdoors

These 6 Types of People Wouldn’t Last a Day Off GridLiving off the grid means that you will inherently need to spend more time outdoors.

Collecting rainwater, tending to your gardens and livestock, making sure your solar panels are working properly, and so on will all require you to be outside for a long time.

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There’s a reason why many people who live off the grid are nature lovers. They simply love being outdoors and spending time in nature.

If you’ve always been an indoors-oriented person or have always loved living in an urban environment, it’s going to take a lot for you to re-adjust to an off-grid lifestyle.

People Who Are Wasteful

One of the appeals of off-grid living is living resourcefully. But while some folks are drawn to this way of living, other people who are used to simply throwing away food or items that they no longer need or don’t like will be ill-suited for an off-grid lifestyle.

One of the daily goals of any person living off-grid is to extend resources as much as possible. This is why a major part of off-grid living revolves around finding ways to minimize waste, recycle or repurpose items, saving and preparing uneaten food for later, and

Living off the grid is a rewarding experience for those who are fully embracing it. People who love to be outside in nature, love developing their DIY and survival skills, value living resourcefully and harvesting their own food and water, and who enjoy spending many hours of their day on physical projects related to everyday living experience great fulfillment in living off the grid.

However, off-grid living is not an ideal lifestyle for everyone. The above six types of people that we’ve covered may be drawn to the idea of living self-sustainably and away from the power grid, but they’ll likely struggle hard when it comes to actually living off the grid in their day-to-day lives.

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