Top 10 Military Surplus Suppliers Online

by Tommy Grant

This is an updated guide on the best military surplus suppliers. We will continue to update as more military surplus sites, stores, and dealers emerge.

If you are looking for military surplus, whether it’s bags, vehicles, survival equipment, or even bug-out land- there are a few suppliers that consistently come through that you should check first. I’ve always been a fan of surplus stores because they give you the opportunity to get amazing deals on military equipment.

The US military budget is about 750 billion, and only a small percentage of that is spent on military personnel. The rest is spent on operational costs and one of the largest chunks is procurement. There is a massive amount of revolving military equipment making its way into the secondary market each year.

The surplus military equipment ends up being sold off, usually in large lots to contractors. Some of these contractors run websites to sell to the public, similar to eBay. You won’t find any firearms or heavy weapons, but you will find vehicles, communications equipment, generators, military clothing, and much, much more. These stores are the best for thrifty preppers and survivalists looking to maximize their dollar with proven MIL-SPEC equipment.

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Is Army Surplus Cheaper?

Military surplus gear is usually cheaper than equivalent civilian gear, even if it wasn’t used. Governments approve the sale of huge quantities of this equipment to keep newer gear in the field (for the most part).

Some surplus equipment is better to pick up than others, but we’ll go over those towards the end. Let’s get to the top 10 list of the best places to find military surplus online.

10. Action Surplus Eugene

New and Used Surplus

Located in Eugene, Oregon

A nice revolving selection of good military surplus gear makes them worth checking out occasionally.

They may not be the largest surplus store, but they keep a good inventory of solid military gear. The hard-to-find ECW sleep system is often in stock at great prices. Action Surplus also offers local pickup on a few of the larger items they have at their storefront in Eugene.

Army Ruck from K-1 Military Surplus

9. K-1 Military Surplus

Surplus and clearance dealer

Located in Nashville, North Carolina

With over 2,700 listings, this surplus store down the road from me in NC has plenty of great deals on the gear you’re looking for.

The boys down in Nashville, NC have a ton of surplus gear at excellent prices. They specialize in the ‘standard issue’ deployment stuff, like etools, rucks, canteens, vests, mag pouches, etc.

Bulk MRE Entree Box from MRE Depot

8. MRE Depot

Food Rations

Located in San Clemente, California

Whether you are looking for a specific ration type or are looking for an entire case of MREs, this dealer can help you out.

Prefer that one hard-to-find entree? MRE depot can help you out, with bulk entrees from MREs. You don’t have to settle for a variety of unknown menus when you can pick and choose exactly what you want.

US Army Rucksack from Allegheny Surplus Outlet

7. Allegheny Surplus Outlet

Used Surplus

Located in Meadville, Pennsylvania 

The familiar used surplus outlet with over 1500 items in stock will help you find that military gear at a price you can afford.

One of the cheapest on the list, you can find everything at rock-bottom prices because it’s all used. If you’re looking for a ruck that’s already broken in, check out this surplus dealer out of Meadville.

US Army Rifleman Set from Gear Rack

6. Gear Rack

Surplus and Collectibles

Online Only

Gear Rack has the most surplus options on this list, ranging from the popular Rifleman set to an authentic WWI German helmet.

The huge collection of surplus gear combined with militaria collectibles makes Gear Rack a great choice for browsing. You never know what you’ll find from standard-issue US gear to rare international collectibles.

Military Polaris from GovPlanet

5. Gov Planet

Richie Bros auction site

Multiple pickup locations

Richie Bros has a contract with the government to get first dibs on most of its used equipment. You’ll find huge lots of gear, large vehicles, and specialized equipment here.

Gov Planet is a government surplus auction site that lets you bid online for various items located all over the US.

You can find a huge variety here, from a John Deere excavator all the way to a lot of 67 bayonet blades. If you need it- you can find it on Gov Planet. And that’s just in one day’s auction- these auctions happen every day!

2007 HMMWV for sale at GSA Auctions

4. GSA Auctions

US government-run auction site

Multiple pickup locations

GSA Auctions is an auction site similar to Gov Planet but run by the actual government. It has much less equipment on it, however. The government has a large suite of websites that it uses for different types of auctions. lists all of the different government auction sites and even suggests finding your local state auction site. You can buy land, homes, and plenty of stuff seized by the IRS and US Marshals.

Rucksacks at Uncle Sams Military Surplus

3. Uncle Sam’s Military Surplus

MidWest US Store

Online only

Uncle Sam’s Retail Outlet (referred to as USRO) used to be a huge online outlet for military surplus goods, but times change and so does where we can get the best military equipment.

Since 2015, USRO moved to mostly in-person sales throughout their stores in the Midwest but in the past few years, they’ve shifted to mostly online.

All of their equipment can now be found on eBay, and they still give their classic great service, with over 15,000 positive reviews and 100% positive feedback. eBay lets them sell in much smaller quantities than sites like GSA Auctions and Gov Planet. This is great for stocking individual kits and smaller items.

French Military Tent from Coleman's Military Surplus

2. Coleman’s Military Surplus

Large international surplus dealer

Located in Millersburg, Pennsylvania

With an international product selection, Coleman’s lets you find popular unique surplus like this French Military troop tent.

Their prices are competitive and they have over 200 surplus listings of high-quality gear from around the world.

USMC Ruck from Army Navy Outdoors

1. Army Navy Outdoors

Large surplus warehouse

Located in Greenville, Texas

With over 300 surplus items that quick-ship to your door, these guys have plenty of gear to browse through in their 80,000 sqft warehouse.

This military supplier out of Texas has plenty of surplus deals with great prices. They rate the used gear, so you know what type of condition to expect when it arrives. Army Navy Outdoors Military Surplus.

The Best Military Surplus Gear to Look For

There is way too much ex-military and ex-government gear to list, so what exactly should you look for? Some of the best finds I’ve stumbled on include:

  • Gas Masks (M50, MCU-2/P, Israeli, etc) – see our top reviewed gas masks.
  • Rucksacks, Duffles, and other Bags
  • Military Clothing
  • Ammo Cases
  • General Storage Cases (From CONEX to small Pelican Cases)
  • MOLLE/ALICE Accessories
  • Safes
  • Generators
  • Vehicles and Trailers
  • Bug Out Land/ Houses – see how you can get free land too.

It’s not just basic issue stuff for sale: there are tons of great equipment from deployment packages and specialized units that get pieced out as well. All of these finds are excellent for filling out your basic kits:

You can do a lot worse than grabbing some military surplus for dirt cheap on stuff you were going to need anyway.

The Final Word

I may be a little biased, being in the military for several years, but I can’t turn down checking out some military surplus every once in a while. I know those who have served like to gripe that the equipment isn’t always the best, but the US military is the best so the equipment can’t be that far behind it.

After testing tons of equipment for this site, we tend to notice military equipment rising to the top in a few key categories: durability and functionality. Military equipment is meant to function in a harsh, unforgiving, disaster-like environment. For the most part, it can handle the punishment. This makes military gear an excellent choice for survivalists and preppers.

Here are a few other guides our subscribers have found helpful:

I hope you find some great gear on these sites. Even though they are not well-known, there can be some bidding competition on the hot items. Also, be sure to check your area for local military surplus stores. You can find great stuff and meet like-minded people there. You can also check out our Deals page, which we update frequently if you are looking to stretch your dollars to fill out your survival kit.

Keep exploring, stay prepared, and be safe.

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Top 10 Military Surplus Stores

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