Top 6 Illnesses That CONVENIENTLY DISAPPEARED During The “COVID-19” Scamdemic

by Tommy Grant

This article was originally published by S.D. Wells at Natural News. 

There was a major reason the COVID-19 PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test kits created millions of “false-positive” results that said everybody had the Fauci Flu. Whether you had a bacterial infection, a virus of any kind, or just a common head cold, you could count on the China Flu test kits to read “positive” for the plandemic virus most of the time. This was a huge factor in creating and sustaining the all-out panic of a fake pandemic, across the entire globe.

Meanwhile, every sickness, illness, or infection that was NOT COVID-19 (if there even really is a such thing) conveniently disappeared from the planet for three years. Nobody got sick at all, unless it was a novel virus that required everyone to shelter in place, social distance, wear face diapers, and get a deadly injection that creates millions of prions that cause horrible health consequences, including death.

Got a cough, sore throat, headache, dizziness, nausea, or cold chills? You must have the “Wuhan virus,” just like the fake PCR test shows

For three years, if you coughed or sneezed in public, you were treated like a leper. Allergies to pollen and dust no longer existed, because of the plandemic. Contact tracing became a major ordeal, where cell phones tracked the location of anyone who tested positive for “COVID-19,” letting all other humans know if they were near anyone who was sick and “contagious.” Anyone who died in the hospitals died from “Covid” or “with Covid,” but it seemed nobody was dying anymore from natural causes, or from MRSA (hospital superbug infections), or bacterial infections from dirty instruments.

Covid-19 was really just a media-made sickness that, if it really exists, is no more deadly than the seasonal flu, but to pull off the full-blown plandemic, all other sicknesses needed to disappear for a few years, while the Wuhan virus took over the world.

Abracadabra — the top 6 illnesses that conveniently vanished during the “Covid-19” scamdemic

#1. The Flu (seasonal influenza)

#2. Strep throat (Streptococcus)

#3. The common cold (over 200 rhinoviruses)

#4. Bronchitis

#5. MRSA – hospital superbugs resistant to antibiotics

#6. Pneumonia

Yes, the mass media, also known as fake news, spread massive swaths of misinformation and disinformation about all the sicknesses that supposedly barely existed during the scamdemic. The so-called disease “experts” claimed about influenza that, “Precautions taken to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, including wearing masks and distancing, are likely the major reason for a steep decline of flu cases in the U.S.”

And although the number of streptococcus (“strep-throat”) infections (group A) had been INCREASING in the USA from 2010 to 2020, during the scamdemic these infections magically decreased by at least 25 percent, and that’s according to CDC statistics. Coincidence?

Even the incidence of the common cold declined greatly during the scamdemic, especially in “temperate climates,” and due to “human behavior,” as NIH provided further cover. Yet, the face diapers (COVID-19 masks) breed bacteria in the mouth, throat, and lungs by trapping hot, used air and germs in the mouth all day. This added to the chaos of symptoms of all kinds of illnesses, prompting everyone to take a “Covid test” (highly faulty false-positive-leaning PCR tests).

The Covid-Industrial-Complex (CIC) even admitted to a massive decrease in pneumonia-related diagnoses (including Bronchitis) during the “pandemic period” and then claimed they increased during the “post-pandemic period.” Was this to push the fake pandemic with the propaganda of many more cases than really existed, and then push the vaccines hard again AFTER the news got out that the vaccines damage the heart, clog the vascular system, cause immune dysfunction, and were deadly? Looks like more “coverage” from the ever-corrupt Center for Disease Continuance (CDC).

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