Trump Will Take Vengeance. KEEP CLEAR!

by Tommy Grant

Sometimes (like right now) a country needs a good ass whooping. Because our Western democracies have given so much freedom to the average person, people that live in North America or western Europe forget that the other six billion people that reside under non-democratic governance can’t speak their mind freely or criticize the ruling bodies.

What we in the West take pride in is exploited by enemies because they see how manipulating the respect we have for individual liberties deters us from exhibiting tough love toward insane ideas that are taking over.

In other words, because restraining and directing others is considered limiting and non-inclusive, our enemies flood social media with sophisticated messages, propaganda, and outright lies that aren’t fact-checked and erode the unity of the nation.

If everyone over the age of 13 took tests in the United States and western Europe, you’d quickly learn most are brainwashed, useful idiots and that their core values are non-existent. They have no moral compass or aspirations, and they’re ungrateful for the liberties they enjoy since they’re not educated about how precious and unique they are.

As long as these brainwashed numbnuts didn’t pose a threat to the very strength of the country, it wasn’t an issue for the government and only affected their failing parents who likely aren’t any better themselves, but in 2024, we can clearly say that American excellence is being put into question.

So, Mr. Trump, as a businessman and a family man with no drug addict children (like Joe Biden), here are some matters that must be addressed if the world doesn’t decay into mediocrity and chaos:

  1. China: this country is deliberately manufacturing the precursor chemicals needed to flood America’s youth with synthetic fentanyl. This is the kind that Prince and Tom Petty mistakenly took and died from.

Stop being half-assed with this clear enemy. They want to crush the United States and get payback for the century of humiliation they accuse the British, French, and Americans for inflicting on them.

Expose China. Let the world see what the CCP does to its citizens and show the public the ways China is actively waging war against American interests.

  1. Bring back pride in the Constitution and Bill of Rights: many Americans are ungrateful and have nothing but criticism towards the country that has given the world so many riches and progress.

It’s time children grow up loving America and what it really stands for, which is freedom from all ideas of regression.

The United States should not coerce or force others to be like it, but they must set an example so that others that do want to follow in the path of upholding the rights and freedoms of individuals can choose to do so.

The big problem in the West is that there is a deep-rooted movement of the extreme left based on self-hate and a feeling of victimhood. This is embraced instead of being treated, coddling them into being happy with failure.

Losers need the pain of losing, which is what leads to growth instead of perpetuating their lack of ability by subsidizing it.

I trust that you won’t use your time in office to golf but to help unleash excellence again. If not, forces of chaos that appeal to losers (and there are way more of them than there are winners) will sweep the planet, and we’ll dive into the Dark Ages again.

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