U.S.’s Military Move Could Trigger WW3

by Tommy Grant

The United States is making a major military move that could result in World War 3 breaking out. As Iran continues to aid terrorists worldwide, the regime is becoming increasingly “nervous” that the conflict will broader into a global conflagration.

Ali Vaez, the Director of the Iran Project and Senior Advisor at Crisis Group, tells Daily Express US that the actions of the Houthi rebels in the Red Sea risk a wider conflict in the Middle East.

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“The problem is that there is a slope of escalation that is rising by the day, and some of the actions from Iran’s allies, like the Houthis, is clearly making the Iranians quite nervous because there is a possibility that the Houthis will engage in an action that will result in significant fatalities,” said Vaez. “Houthis are aligned with Iran but they are fiercely independent. That is where the risk lies. There is a significant risk of uncontrolled escalation.”

He added that the risk of this war exploding is very real. “The risk (of the war spreading) is quite significant) because of the number of actors involved. There are dozens of non-state actors and states involved. Given the degree of tensions and the repeated warnings from the US to the Houthis to stop disrupting trade in the Red Sea, it is only a matter of time before the US takes military action against the Houthis,” Vaez added.

This is a “very fragile situation” Vaez noted. Any misstep or action from anyone at this point threatens to ramp up the war further. If the U.S. takes action against an Iran-affiliated terrorist group, it’s going to be very likely that things become problematic globally with regard to this war.

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