Ukraine War: Joe Biden Says The U.S. Could Be “Pulled In Directly”

by Tommy Grant

Warmonger Joe Biden has said that there is now a risk of the United States getting “pulled directly” into the war between Ukraine and Russia. The U.S. is already a proxy in this war, so it looks like the West is going to step it up a notch in the new year.

In a statement on Friday, Biden condemned Russia’s latest missile barrage on the neighboring country, calling it a “brutal attack” and claiming that Moscow wants to “obliterate Ukraine and subjugate its people.” The Russian Defense Ministry had earlier said its forces conducted 50 “group” strikes and a single “massive” barrage in recent days, successfully hitting military infrastructure and troop positions, according to a report by RT. 

War Continues: A Massive Barrage Hit Several Cities In Ukraine

Biden also claimed that the U.S. needs to send more military aid to Ukraine as Russia continues its offensive. The tyrant added that the U.S. “cannot let Ukraine down,” as he urged Congress to approve a supplemental funding request, which includes more than $60 billion for the embattled country.

“The stakes of this fight extend far beyond Ukraine” and affect the security of both NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and Europe. “When dictators and autocrats are allowed to run roughshod in Europe, the risk rises that the United States gets pulled in directly. And the consequences reverberate around the world,” he added. Some members of the U.S. ruling class have been reluctant to send Ukraine fiat currency and equipment in recent months.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said earlier this month that Biden’s claims that Moscow could attack NATO were “complete nonsense.” He suggested that his American counterpart understood that as well, but had to cling to this narrative to justify his “misguided” policies on Russia.

In addition, Russian officials have for decades voiced concerns about the alliance’s creeping expansion, with Putin citing Ukraine’s plans to join NATO as one of the key reasons for the intervention against that country. Moscow has also repeatedly called Western countries “direct participants” in the conflict due to their arms shipments to Kiev. –RT

This rhetoric could signal the U.S.’s willingness to get involved more directly and engage in a hot war with Russia.

Biden Threatens To Send Troops To Fight Russia

Russia Claims NATO Troops Are DIRECTLY INVOLVED In The Conflict With Ukraine

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