What Is Prion Disease, And Is There An Epidemic?

by Tommy Grant

Prion diseases are on the rise thanks in part to the mRNA (or messenger RNA) “vaccines” pushed on humanity.  Certain researchers are also warning that chronic wasting disease (CWD) which is a prion disease that affects deer, elk, reindeer, sika deer, and moose could jump to humans. 

Prion diseases or transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) are a family of rare progressive neurodegenerative disorders that affect both humans and animals. They are distinguished by long incubation periods, characteristic spongiform changes associated with neuronal loss, and a failure to induce inflammatory response. [CDC]

With prion diseases, the pathogen involved is not a bacterium, parasite, or virus, but a protein.  Prions, short for proteinaceous infectious particles, are misfolded proteins that aggregate in cells. These can be dubbed “spike proteins.” The misfolded protein catalyses the conversion of its non-misfolded counterpart into the misfolded configuration creating a chain reaction, leading to rapid accumulation of misfolded proteins and cell death.

Unfortunately for humanity, the COVID-19 “vaccines” contain a spike protein. If the spike protein of both the infection and the injection is an engineered prion (which it obviously is for the “vaccines”), and a result of bio-warfare research and development, then this has grave implications for anyone who was injected. These weaponized prions are far more dangerous than viruses.

A paper published in 2013, more than ten years ago, found that the action of mRNA is a known cause of prion disease, which can result in “transmissible spongiform encephalopathy” from the slightest exposure to altered proteins.

A video last month featured United Kingdom-based Dr. Kevin McCairn explaining this mechanism. Dr. McCairn (who first raised the alarm over the dangers of prion disease in 2020 and is a former neuroscientist at the Korea Brain Research Institute) reveals that mRNA technology used in the COVID injections is causing the same “frame shifting” that leads to harmful prions being produced.

Dr. McCairn also asserts that these prions can be transmitted to others, whether they have received the “vaccines” or not via the “technology” used to create them. He reveals that mRNA technology used in the COVID-19 injections causes frame shifting that leads to prions being produced, and transfected and as a result of prions being released into the environment.

“Technology” is one of the keywords, and in fact, Pfizer describes this “protein creation” on its own website:

While the mechanism of action for mRNA technology is relatively simple—once inside cells, it instructs them to build proteins—researchers have had to work for years to develop technologies to allow mRNA to work in the real world. mRNA has proved to be a great platform for vaccine development (and potentially therapeutics), so that our own cells can do the hard work of producing proteins, resulting in an immune response that helps protect us against diseases. –Pfizer

Prion disease explains the mechanism for phenomena of “silent hypoxia,” the formation of fibrous, white clots, the sudden deaths of athletes, turbo CJD, turbo cancer, amyloidosis, neurological diseases, and long COVID-19 being brain inflammation. Dr. McCairn says, that the emergence of these proteins suggests a possible link between the vaccines’ mRNA technology and its unintended consequences. The output according to the author, pinpointed both the “unknown proteins but also the presence of the potential prion region.

“It is a problematic, troubling observation should it be accurate, given the inherent risks linked to prion diseases and the implication for neurological health,” McCairn said. He added that we are in a “highly controlled, information eco-system”, where there is censorship, narrative and counter-narrative control, behavioral control, and advanced neuro-psychological techniques.

He has been highly censored and has had to restart his social media accounts for speaking out against the mass vaccination scheme pushed on the public by the ruling class. At some point, some researchers do believe that these “vaccines” could cause a prion disease epidemic in the future.


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