Will 2024 Be The Year Everyone Realizes a One World Government Will Rule Humanity?

by Tommy Grant

As we slowly sneak our way through 2024, a few things keep popping up that the ruling class and its lapdog media want the slaves to be aware of. New and deadly outbreaks, and war are two at the top of that list. So, is this the year everyone will notice that the power structure is shifting to a one-world government in which the slave class will own nothing and “be happy?”

We are already ruled over by tyrants seeking power, and no one on this planet unless they are one of those tyrants is free. But at some point, in order to completely and permanently control humanity, the ruling class must destroy the current power structure they built so that they can construct a new one of totalitarian dictatorship that will be as horrific as chattel slavery.

In recent years, the pandemic” marked a shift, or acceleration, into this coming new age, which is now at the doorstep as the powers that be (TPTB) race to fulfill their long-awaited global domination agenda, complete with a brand-new global currency and economic system, according to a report by Natural News.  

The plandemic was a test to see just how much fear it would take to get the slave class to willingly take an injection that was neither safe nor effective, and depopulate themselves. As reported by The Daily Exposé, since February 2020, Dr. Wodarg has been warning about the false COVID pandemic.  He authored the book ‘False Pandemic: Arguments Against the Rule of Fear’ which was released in German and is now available in English.  It reveals the truth behind the pandemic power grab.

World Government Summit Suggests Crisis Events Are A Useful Path To Globalism

This endgame has been in the works for centuries. The plan is to erase all national ruling classes, which in and of itself, is not a bad thing. No one should be ruled over by anyone else, ever, for any reason. That’s literally the definition of slavery, and yet people are still so scared and narrow-minded that they cannot fathom a life without a master. Once the current system is dismantled, however, the masters’ real work begins. They will need the full support of the slave class to supplant it with a unified system of global governance in which most people will own nothing and be “happy,” as World Economic Forum (WEF) chairman Klaus Schwab infamously put it.

So, if this is the goal, how do we stop it? It simply starts today. Remove your support from the ruling class and their enforcers. If no one obeys, then no one rules. Civil disobedience is a powerful tool, and if we don’t start waking up to the fact that we are slaves, and our chains are going to tighten around our necks for our whole lives, we are going to die slaves.

The Path To Freedom & Abolishing Slavery

The goal should not be to accept one form of slavery (national slavery) and reject another (one world government). The goal should be to eradicate slavery from the face of this earth and never allow it to return.

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