New in 2024: Changes to sub IT ratings

by Tommy Grant

The Navy is introducing three new separate ratings in 2024 for information technology, or IT, personnel serving on submarines to specialize in communications, network security and electronic warfare.

Sailors currently in the information systems technician rating aboard submarines will convert into these new ratings to facilitate “mastery” in one specific area of expertise, according to the Navy.

“While the shipboard network knowledge base will be shared, these career paths will be distinct; each managed by separate training pipelines and [Navy Enlisted Classification] codes,” a naval administrative message, or NAVADMIN released in October said. “All submarine IT Sailors will become knowledgeable in network fundamentals, but will be specialists in communications, Network security, or electronic warfare.”

A Navy official told Navy Times the change aims to increase accession and allow for growth to to “improve fill in the Force.”

All of the new ratings will complete their own Navy-wide Advancement Examinations that will kick off in January 2024, and produce their own advancement quotas.

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