First Look: Bear Creek Arsenal Grizzly Pistol

by Tommy Grant

A look at the new Bear Creek Arsenal Grizzly pistol, the company’s first polymer handgun.

Bear Creek Arsenal is mostly known for its AR-15s and AR components, but the company broke into the handgun market a couple of years back with its Genes1s and Genes1s II pistols. Both of those are full-size 9mm Glock-style handguns, but their frames were entirely made of metal. Now Bear Creek Arsenal has announced the Grizzly pistol, a full-size 9mm with a traditional polymer frame. The company is advertising it as a handgun with out-of-the-box upgrades at an unbeatable price.


The Bear Creek Arsenal Grizzly is described as a full-size duty pistol, meaning it will feature the same 4.49-inch barrel length as the Glock 17. For the barrel, customers will have a choice between 416R Stainless Steel or 4150 Chrome Moly with a black nitride finish. The pistols will also feature a 20-degree grip angle, a textured thumb rest and plenty of grip stippling with a texture inspired by bear fur.


Other out-of-the-box upgrades include an RMR-cut slide for optics, photo-luminescent night sights and a window cut in the slide. Naturally, it features a Picatinny rail for a light or laser as well. As for upgrading the Grizzly pistol further, they will be compatible with Gen 3 Glock components and accessories, including many made by Bear Creek itself.

Bear Creek Arsenal Grizzly pistols will become available on April 10th, and each handgun will ship with two 17-round magazines. MSRP is not yet available.

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