First Look: Heritage Mfg. Roscoe Revolvers

by Tommy Grant

Heritage Manufacturing has just announced the Roscoe, a classic .38 Spl revolver available with two barrel length options.

The popularity of snub-nose revolvers as concealed carry guns has dwindled over the decades, but it never died out. That said, most available today have modern features, finishes and aesthetics. For those with a penchant for the classics, especially anyone who wants to emulate the noir detectives of old, Cerakote and rubber grips just won’t cut it. With a marked lack of affordable, retro carry revolvers on the market, Heritage Manufacturing is aiming to fill the void with the Roscoe.


Made in Brazil, the Heritage Roscoe is a 5-shot .38 Special +P DA/SA revolver that features all the classic style of the guns of yesteryear. Namely, an attractive glossy, polished black finish and old-school wood grips. They’re available with either a 3-inch or a 2-inch barrel as well. Other features of the Roscoe revolver worth mentioning include the fixed serrated blade front sight, fixed rear sight and the inclusion of a transfer bar safety.


Heritage Manufacturing said this about the new revolvers:

Inspired by the hard-boiled detectives battling mob crime, the movie sleuths, and the real-world cops of yesteryears, the Heritage Roscoe pays homage to these legends with its classic design and rugged performance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Roscoe features a deep glossy polished black finish, reminiscent of the iconic firearms of the era.

Both the 2-inch and the 3-inch models of the Heritage Roscoe are available now and they share an MSRP of $363.99.

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