Avoiding Confrontation: Man Shot And Killed Following Altercation On Bus

by Tommy Grant

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA — In Philadelphia’s Oxford Circle neighborhood, 27-year-old Sawee Kofa was fatally shot following an altercation on a SEPTA bus on Sunday night. The incident occurred around 11:30 p.m. after both Kofa and the suspect disembarked from the Route 59 bus at Castor Avenue and Comly Street. Philadelphia Police Captain Anthony Ginaldi reported that an argument continued between the two men after leaving the bus, leading to Kofa being shot at least twice. He was found deceased two streets away at Castor and Van Kirk, near a Burger King.

Multiple 911 calls were made regarding the shooting. The suspect, who shot Kofa in the face and chest, fled the scene. The initial encounter between Kofa and the suspect is believed to have started at the Arrott Transportation Center in Frankford.

SEPTA transit police are collaborating with Philadelphia police, providing video surveillance. Although the surveillance footage did not show a confrontation, witnesses reported an exchange of words on the bus. The suspect’s description has not been released as the investigation continues.

Carrying a firearm and being prepared to use it is just one part of the self-defense equation. Another important part is avoiding conflict, and not engaging or escalating any particular situation, as they can turn south before you know it. Not much is yet known about how this confrontation began, but it’s a reminder to keep a level head and avoid these types of situations whenever possible.

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