Bill Passes House In Colorado That Would Prohibit Sale And Transfer Of “Assault Weapons”

by Tommy Grant

Colorado’s House, dominated by Democrats, recently passed a bill to prohibit the sale and transfer of “assault weapons.” The bill, approved by a 35-27 vote, now moves to the Democratic-majority state Senate. This legislation, if enacted, would align Colorado with ten other states like California, New York, and Illinois, which already have similar bans.

Despite this progress, the bill faces considerable challenges given Colorado’s historically mixed political leanings and more recent shift towards Democratic control. The bill’s prospects in the Senate appear less promising compared to the House, and Governor Jared Polis has expressed reservations about such a sweeping ban.

As debates continue, some Republicans criticize the bill as a violation of Second Amendment rights, attributing gun violence to mental health issues and a disregard for life rather than to the availability of guns.

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