Chicago Sues Glock: The Legal Battle Over Modified Guns In The City

by Tommy Grant

The City of Chicago has initiated a legal battle against gun manufacturer Glock, Inc., accusing the company of contributing to the proliferation of illegal ‘machine guns’ in the city. The lawsuit emphasizes that Glock’s firearms can be effortlessly transformed into automatic weapons, thus amplifying the threat and terror on Chicago’s streets.

This modification, facilitated by devices known as “Glock switches,” inexpensive and easily accessible online or producible via 3D printing, has led to the recovery of over 1,100 modified Glocks by the Chicago Police Department between the start of 2021 and the end of 2023. These modified weapons have been linked to numerous violent crimes, including homicides and kidnappings.

Chicago’s legal action argues that Glock has neglected public safety for profit, knowingly allowing its pistols to be converted and failing to take measures to prevent such modifications. The city demands that Glock cease selling firearms in Chicago and seeks unspecified damages for their role in exacerbating gun violence. Mayor Brandon Johnson has criticized Glock for enabling the conversion of their firearms into automatic weapons, highlighting the devastating impact on community safety and the city’s efforts to combat gun violence.

Or, you know, they could instead focus on the rampant gang violence that’s plagued their city for decades.

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