Grandmother Shoots Intruder Fleeing From Cops, Saves Granddaughter, All During Taylor Swift Movie Night

by Tommy Grant

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (2-minute read) – A harrowing encounter unfolded in Albuquerque as Anissa Tinnin, 49, bravely defended her home and four-year-old granddaughter from an intruder during a Taylor Swift concert film viewing.

The incident began when a man fleeing police after crashing a stolen vehicle entered Tinnin’s home. Initially, he attempted to steal car keys but retreated after being spotted. Despite the terrifying threat where the intruder vowed harm to both Tinnin and her granddaughter, Tinnin’s courage never wavered. “You do what you have to do to protect yourself and your family,” Tinnin recounted to Inside Edition.

After the intruder returned, Tinnin, prepared and resolute, confronted him with her firearm, demanding he back away. When he advanced, she was forced to shoot him in the abdomen to protect her and her granddaughter’s lives. As Tinnin held the wounded intruder at gunpoint, police arrived and took him into custody. The suspect is expected to face charges of burglary and auto theft.

“If Anissa had not done what she did, we’d be telling a different story right now,” stated Megan Austin, the child’s mother, underscoring the gravity of Tinnin’s actions.

Firearm Safety Tip: Always ensure your firearm is secured but accessible in a crisis. Quick access combined with proper training can make a critical difference in emergency situations.

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