Hammer-Wielding Man With Active Protection Order Shot In Leg After Attempted Kidnapping

by Tommy Grant

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON — Police say a domestic dispute escalated into a shooting, resulting in the arrest of 42-year-old Nicholas S. Taylor. The incident unfolded on the morning of March 20, when deputies were called to a residence after Taylor, reportedly armed with a hammer, attempted to forcibly remove a woman from the home.

The woman managed to escape, and during the altercation, another individual shot Taylor in the leg. He fled but was soon found by emergency responders and taken to a hospital.

It was discovered that there was a domestic violence protection order against Taylor, who is believed to reside in the Tri-Cities area. Both the victim and the shooter cooperated with authorities and faced no charges.

After receiving medical treatment, Taylor was jailed on multiple charges, including burglary, kidnapping, assault, and violating a protection order.

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