Media Heavily Reported on Alexei Navalny’s Death, But Completely Ignored Gonzalo Lira’s Death – HERE’S WHY

by Tommy Grant

This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

Two very controversial figures who notoriously criticized the government died under mysterious circumstances in recent weeks, but only one of them received media attention.

Most people who follow the news now know that Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is dead, with the media heavily reporting that he likely, in their view, was murdered by the Russian government.

Media report after media report continues to be published speculating as to what became of Navalny, whose family believes that he was murdered because of his beliefs and influence.

Then there is journalist Gonzalo Lira, who also died, though one month earlier in January, under similarly suspicious circumstances. If you have not heard of Gonzalo Lira, there is a reason for that: his life came to an end while rotting away in a Ukrainian prison.

Because the Western media hates Russia, it cannot publish enough stories about Navalny in an effort to sway public opinion against Russia and its leader, Vladimir Putin. And because the Western media loves Ukraine, it has barely published a peep of anything about Lira’s death.

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Nobody trusts Western media anymore anyway

MintPress recently conducted a quantitative analysis of the media’s coverage of these two controversial figures: Navalny who died mysteriously in an Arctic penal colony after being arrested by Russia, and Lira who was “abandoned by the pro-Kiev government in Washington, D.C.,” to quote The Burning Platform.

Because Lira’s death makes the D.C. establishment look really bad, there has been only one report on him by Fox NewsThe New York TimesThe Washington PostABC News, and CNN have not said a single word about Lira in any of their respective reporting.

Then we have Navalny, whose death, no matter what really happened, is easily spun to make Russia look like the bad guy that the Western media for years has been trying to get Americans to believe as well. Here are the number of Navalny stories that have been published by these same media outlets over the past several weeks:

The New York Times: 151 stories about Navalny

The Washington Post: 75 stories about Navalny

ABC News: 177 stories about Navalny

Fox News: 215 stories about Navalny

CNN: 113 stories about Navalny.

All in all, these five prominent Western media outlets have covered Navalny’s death a total of 731 times, while only one of them, Fox News, has ever reported on Lira’s death – talk about biased reporting.

Another important little tidbit worth mentioning is the fact that Navalny is Russian, while Lira is American. One would think that these American media outlets would be willing to report on one of our own, even if doing so makes the establishment look bad, but nope.

“They don’t give a **** about Americans,” wrote one incensed commenter about the lack of Lira coverage in Western media.

“They only care about hyphen-Americans,” responded another, referring to the anti-white bias of Western media in only reporting and caring about non-white Americans.

“Or only ‘undocumented’ Americans,” joked another, referring to the illegal aliens who are not American at all, but whom the Western media cares about more than American citizens.

“Gonzalo was a hero committed to telling the truth about conditions and politics in the Ukraine,” suggested another about why the Western media could not care less about reporting on Lira’s death. “He was murdered because of it.”

“One of these things is not like the other and thus ‘deserved’ to die,” wrote another about the explicit bias of how Western media outlets mishandle these two deaths in their comparative reporting – or rather non-reporting, in the case of Lira.

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