Ruling Class Wants To Track Meat

by Tommy Grant

The ruling wants to track and trace all meat cattle from birth to consumption. The ever-increasing involvement in the daily lives of the slave class in the United States has no bounds, apparently.

As long as the slave still vote believing they have a say in who their master is, this kind of intrusion into our lives will continue. When we play stupid statist games, we always win stupid statist prizes, and this is just one of those.

The demonization of meat has been going on for decades. Considering meat is the most nutrient-dense food full of all of the essential vitamins and nutrients a human being needs, it’s beyond evil what has been done. But this isn’t the first time the rulers want more information about the slaves so they can better understand and control them. Rest assured this isn’t about tracking cattle, it’s about controlling the slave class for as long as possible.

The government has a long history of using tracking technology to ascertain our whereabouts, our habits, and even our preferences. From cellphones and cars to snow plows and garbage trucks, governments seemingly want to track anything that moves, including meat cows.

The USDA recently finalized a rule—set to go into effect in a few months—that will require all cattle and bison being moved across state lines to be tagged with radio-frequency identification (RFID) ear tags. RFID technology uses radio frequency waves to transmit and collect data by way of a system of electronic tags and scanners. The technology is best viewed as a type of electronic or remote barcode, in which scanners can read an RFID chip anywhere from a few meters away to around 100 meters away. In some ways analogous to a shorter-range GPS system, RFID can track geographic location and also operate as a system of data collection and storage. –Yahoo News

When used on cattle, a quick scan of an RFID tag can pull up information like a cow’s date of birth, weight, vaccine records, ownership history, what farms it has been to, and what movements it has made. The USDA is justifying its RFID mandate on public health grounds, claiming that it can help trace and eradicate potential disease outbreaks among livestock, such as mad cow disease or hoof-and-mouth disease.

And, this is one small step toward getting humans ready to have RFID chips placed on them at all times to track their whereabouts. The rulers can’t have their slaves escaping or thinking on their own.

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While plausible at first blush, it is far from clear that the mandate will accomplish its intended objective, and it is very clear that it will disproportionately hurt small and independent ranchers and cattle farmers. It’ll also put a heavier financial burden on the consumer who is purchasing the meat.

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