Russia: Supplying Ukraine With Warplanes Is A “Nuclear Threat”

by Tommy Grant

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that the West’s supplementation of warplanes to Ukraine is a “nuclear threat.” But Russia is not reacting in any other way than simple rhetoric as the West continues to provoke Moscow.

Moscow will begin to perceive deliveries of the U.S.-designed F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine as a deliberate” signal from NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in the nuclear sphere, indicating that the military bloc is “ready for anything,” including a nuclear war. Russia has warned repeatedly that it would regard the jets sent to Ukraine as a nuclear threat because of their capacity to carry atomic weapons. However, Moscow has not done anything other than complain about the jets’ presence.

The fourth-generation fighter planes have been at the forefront of Kyiv’s demands for military aid from the West in an effort to challenge Russia’s airpower advantage. Earlier this year, Russia warned that sending the F-16 warplanes to Ukraine could provoke a nuclear war.

Russia: Arming Ukraine With F-16s Could Start A Nuclear War

It is a good thing that Russia has been all talk without any action against the West for its insistence on pushing this war and testing every red line available.

In an interview with Rossiya Segodna published on Thursday, Lavrov said that NATO was trying to signal it is “literally ready for anything” in Ukraine. “We cannot help but consider the supply of these systems to the Kiev regime as a deliberate signaling action by NATO in the nuclear sphere,” he explained.

Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway have all pledged to supply Ukraine with US-made F-16 fighters, although none have so far been delivered. However, earlier in May, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced that the first planes would arrive in Ukraine in the coming month.”

Ukrainian pilots are currently training on F-16s in Romania, where a NATO-backed flight school for this purpose was opened late last year. –RT

NATO and other Western countries continue to push the limits as far as what Russia is going to tolerate. How much more will they take before this becomes a wider conflict?

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