U.S. Is Allegedly Building “Secret Military Bases” Near Oil-Rich Latin American Regions

by Tommy Grant

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is accusing the United States of building secret military bases near the border of the country he rules. Maduro sees Washington’s actions close to his country’s borders as “aggression.”

The U.S. is continuing to expand its dying empire as other tyrannical despots look on with disgust.

According to Maduro, the secret military bases” erected by the U.S. are in the disputed region of Essequibo, he claimed on Thursday. The Latin American ruler was speaking at a ceremony commemorating a recent law defending Guyana Essequibo. The 62,000-square-mile oil- and mineral-rich area around the Essequibo River is at the center of a territorial dispute between Venezuela and Guyana, a former British colony, reported RT. 

The U.S. Rulers Cannot Stop Pushing For A War

According to Maduro, the disputed region is being controlled by the Southern Command, the CIA, and ExxonMobil, which are seeking to seize Venezuelan resources.

“We have information proving that in the territory of Guyana Essequibo, temporarily administered by Guyana, secret military bases of the [US] Southern Command… a body of the CIA, have been installed,” Maduro said.

The bases constitute “aggression” against the people of southern and eastern Venezuela, and were built “to prepare for an escalation against Venezuela,” he added.

According to a report by The Associated Press News, the U.S. government is increasing its urgent military assistance to Guyana, officials said Monday, as neighboring Venezuela threatens to seize a large part of the country’s territory it has long claimed.

The U.S. has vowed to help Guyana buy new aircraft, helicopters, a fleet of military drones, and, for the first time, radar technology. The details were not immediately clear, and Guyanese officials declined to say how much they expected to pay.

“That cooperation is fundamentally defensive in nature and grounded in our desire for Guyana to be able to defend its territorial integrity against any possible threats,” U.S. deputy national security advisor, Jon Finer told reporters late Sunday.

He added that “we do not think that it is appropriate for countries to make threats or to contemplate publicly the use of force against another country.” It was a veiled reference to Venezuela, which amassed a small number of troops along its eastern border late last year and threatened to annex Guyana’s mineral-rich Essequibo region after holding a referendum to approve the annexation.

We Are Just One Step Away From An Apocalyptic War In The Middle East

The war-mongering and fiscal irresponsibility is going to be the disastrous end of the United States.

Death Of The U.S. Empire Is Inevitable

The illusion of freedom is becoming visible even to those who were completely blind only a few years ago. The system is fundamentally flawed because human beings were never meant to be ruled over, stolen from, and murdered in the name of their masters. Abolishing slavery in all its forms should be the most basic and undeniably moral stance to take, and yet, we still aren’t there as an “evolved” species.

The Path To Freedom & Abolishing Slavery


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