U.S. Says It Will Not Fight For Ukraine Like It Will For Israel

by Tommy Grant

The United States is not making any friends except Israel lately. It now claims that it will not fight for Ukraine in the same way it fought for Israel over the weekend. The U.S. helped shoot down around 300 Iranian drones and missiles launched as a retaliatory strike on Israel.

White House national security spokesman John Kirby told journalists on Monday he expected to be asked about the defense of Ukraine.

“I knew this question was coming,” he responded. “Look: different conflicts, different airspace, different threat picture. And [President Joe Biden] has been clear from the beginning [of the Ukraine hostilities] that the US is not going to be involved in that conflict in a combat role.”

Western powers have pledged to provide assistance to Kiev “for as long as it takes” to defeat Russia. However, they have repeatedly rejected the idea of directly engaging Russian forces. Even the French government, which has not ruled out deploying troops to Ukraine, made it clear that any hypothetical mission would be to relieve Ukrainian soldiers of non-combat duties so that Kiev could send more of its own troops to the front line. -RT

Several Western countries helped fend off the attack by Iran on Israel.

Iran Launched Over 200 Drones And Missiles At Israel

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron was asked the same question as Kirby during an interview with LBC on Monday. He seemed to agree with Kirby’s assessment that boots on the ground in Ukraine was a terrible idea.

“Actually, putting NATO forces directly in conflict with Russian forces – I think that would be a dangerous escalation,” he said. Instead of “Western planes over [its] skies trying to shoot things down,” Ukraine instead requires air defense systems, Cameron suggested.

Russia already accused France of getting ready to deploy troops to Ukraine and escalating the war.

Russia Accuses France Of Getting Ready To Deploy Troops To Ukraine

Both conflicts threaten to pop off at any time. It won’t take much to send either of these powder kegs into a third world war.

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